Roofing Glossary of Terms

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G-90A coating weight for galvanized sheet metal, 0.90 ounces of zinc per sq. ft., measured on both sides of the sheet.
GableA triangular-shaped portion of the endwall of a building directly under the sloping roof and above the Eave line.
Gable RoofA roof configuration that has gable ends.
Gable-On-Hip RoofA roof configuration with hips coming up from the eave corners that terminate into a gable roof.
GalvalumeTrade name for a protective coating composed of aluminum zinc.
Galvanic ActionA reaction between different metals in the presence of an electrolyte.
GalvanizeTo coat with zinc.
Galvanized SteelSteel that is coated with zinc to aid in corrosion resistance. Galvanized steel for use in roofing should be Hot-Dipped Galvanized with a G-90 coating.
GambrelA roof that has two different pitches.
GaugeA standard of measurement. For instance the thickness of sheet metal or the diameter of wire. The thicker the wire or metal, the lower the gauge.
Geodesic DomeA geodesic dome uses a pattern of self-bracing triangles in a pattern that gives maximum structural advantage, thus theoretically using the least material possible. (A "geodesic" line on a sphere is the shortest distance between any two points.) The first contemporary geodesic dome on record was designed by Walter Bauersfeld.
GirtA horizontal beam place between support columns that is used for attaching wall cladding.
Glass Felt(1)In the manufacturing of roofing materials - a sheet comprised of bonded glass fibers prior to being saturated with bitumen; <BR><BR>(2) short for asphalt or coal tar saturated fiberglass felt membrane.
Glaze Coat(1) The uppermost layer of asphalt on a smooth-surfaced built-up roof membrane, usually a reflective surfacing is installed over it; <BR><BR>(2) A thin coat of bitumen applied to help protect the roof membrane when application of additional felts or the flood coat and aggregate surfacing are delayed.
GrainA unit of measure for the mass of moisture: a unit of weight equal to 0.002285 ounces or 0.036 dram.
GranuleA small aggregate, naturally or synthetically colored, used to surface cap sheets, shingles, and other granule-surfaced roof coverings.
GravelAggregate consisting of rock fragments or pebbles.
Gravel StopA flanged, sheet metal edge flashing with an upward projection installed along the perimeter of a roof to stop the flow of bitumen over the edge.
GroutA thin mortar used to fill cracks in masonry and tile.
Grout (Non-Shrink)A cementitious material used to partially fill penetration pockets (pitch pans). A pourable sealer is used afterward.
GutterA channel (usually sheet metal) installed along the downslope perimeter of a roof to convey runoff water from the roof to the drain leaders or downspouts.

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Roofing contractors have a language all their own. Don’t get bogged down by the jargon. Check out the glossary for clear, simple definitions of roofing terminology.