Roofing Glossary of Terms

Roof Vent Pipe Field of Roof System Ridge Flashing Hip Soffit Gable Rake Drip Edge Valley Gutters Underlayment Eave Vent
ICBOInternational Conference of Building Officials, responsible for The Uniform Building Code.
Ice DamIce formed at the transition from a warm surface to a cold surface, such as along the overhang of a house. The build-up of ice is the result of ice or snow melting on the roof area over the warmer, living area of a building and then refreezing when it runs down and reaches the overhang.
Ignition TemperatureThe minimum temperature at which a material will combust.
Impact ResistanceA roof assembly’s ability to withstand the impact from falling objects such as hail.
ImpregnateTo saturate; in roofing, asphalt impregnated fiber glass roofing felts are fiber glass mats that have been completely permeated with asphalt bitumen.
Infrared ThermographyThe use of an infrared camera to detect moisture in roof insulation.
InorganicInvolving neither organic life nor the products of organic life; relating to compounds not containing hydrocarbon groups.
Insect ScreenMaterial used to inhibit an insects ability to enter a building through openings in a roof such as vents.
InsulationMaterial used to help maintain a certain temperature in a building by reducing the flow of heat to and from that building. See also Thermal Insulation.
Intake VentilationThe part of a ventilation system used to draw fresh air in. Usually vents installed in the soffit or along the eaves of a building.
InterlaymentA waterproof material usually installed between adjacent rows of wood shakes to help with the roof’s waterproofing characteristics.
Interlocking ShinglesShingles that lock together to provide wind resistance. See also T-Lock.
Internal PressureAtmospheric pressure inside a structure that correlates to the number and location of openings and air leaks.
Inverted Roof Membrane Assembly (IRMA®)A variation of the "Protected Membrane Roof Assembly" in which Styrofoam® brand insulation is used. IRMA® and Styrofoam® are registered trademarks of the Dow Chemical Company.
IRWCInstitute of Roofing and Waterproofing Consultants
ISANTAInternational Staple, Nail & Tool Association
IsocyanateA highly reactive organic chemical containing one or more Isocyanate groups. A basic component in Sprayed Polyurethane Foam systems and some polyurethane coating systems.

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Roofing contractors have a language all their own. Don’t get bogged down by the jargon. Check out the glossary for clear, simple definitions of roofing terminology.