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Paul on Southway in Macomb shares his Ridgecon experience!

Paul on Southway in Macomb Township, MI
Ridgecon Construction
Mercy! Don't give up on staying warm. Try these 4 tricks to help :)

4 ways to stay warm without raising your electric bill
These easy tips may do the trick!
Ridgecon Construction
W-2s coming in the mail, which means tax time's around the corner. Don't make these common costly mistakes!

9 Costly Mistakes Taxpayers Make-Kiplinger
Some taxpayer mistakes, such as providing the wrong Social Security number on your return, will simply delay processing of your return (and, potentially, your refund). But other mistakes may cost you more than time.
Ridgecon Construction
Now that's a roof! Wouldn't you love to have some old world charm like that in our neighborhood?

Great Easton re-thatch
In Great Easton, United Kingdom.
2 cottages thatched in long straw
Ridgecon Construction
It's National Pie Day! Check out the tasty treats at Achatz Handmade Pie Co.! Delish!

Special Events
National Pie Day is tomorrow! Stop in for $12 Michigan 4-Berry, Chicken Pot Pie and Duck Pot Pie!
Fun events we are lucky enough to participate in!
Ridgecon Construction
Need a kick start to a gray morning? Try one of these yummy boosts!

5 Energy-Boosting Recipes to Start Your Day Off Right
Energy-Boosting Recipes to Start Your Day Off Right. Inspired breakfast quick and easy!
Ridgecon Construction
It's true! A new roof can help save you money!

How a Roof Can Help Save Homeowners Money | GAF Blog
The cost of heating and cooling a home has literally gone through the roof, but the right roof can promote...
Ridgecon Construction
Have you told your friends and family about Ridgecon's Spring 2015 #NoRoofLeftBehind Roof Giveaway? You might want to consider sharing some good news! Nominations open to #MacombCounty & #OaklandCounty residents today!

Ridgecon Construction
Who can remember which way the fan is supposed to go at any point during the year? Ah, this should help!

Ridgecon Construction
Can you believe it? Water dripping from your bathroom fan, recessed lights or hood vent probably isn't a roof leak. So, what gives? Short answer: It's due to significant moisture buildup in your attic. Long answer courtesy of Cornell University:

Ridgecon Construction
Do you know a Macomb County, MI or Oakland County, Michigan family that could use a FREE ROOF? Nominate them for our Spring #NoRoofLeftBehind today!

Nominate a deserving Macomb or Oakland County resident for a free roof now! Even you :)
Ridgecon Construction
So many of our customers are parents of teens and so are we. So, what should you know about the text and online acronyms your kids are using? Knowing what they're talking about will help you keep them safe!

28 Internet acronyms every parent should know -
Acronyms on social media and texting apps can sometimes be shorthand for dangerous teen behaviors, such as sexual activity and use of drugs and alcohol.
Ridgecon Construction
A Ridgecon roof is a happy roof :)

Ridgecon Construction
These bitter days call for a dinner that really warms tummy!

30 Comforting Winter Soup Recipes
An amazing collection of 30 drool worthy Comforting Soup Recipes to keep your warm all fall and winter!
Ridgecon Construction
Skylights can help to make your attic feel less like an attic and more like regular living space. This short video helps show you how!

See how VELUX skylights can transform your home decor
See what amazing things can happen when your remodeling project includes Daylight and fresh air skylights from Velux
Ridgecon Construction
We can't mark the beginning of one year without a look back. Here are some of 2014's most impressive homes. Tell us your favorite!

The 7 Most Impressive Homes of 2014
These are the amazing homes you loved this year....
Ridgecon Construction
How is it that bullets in the roof mark the passing of another year? What goes up must come down... Let us know if you had any unexpected incidents this past holiday. We are here to help :)

Timeline Photos
Look what turned up on a service call last week! What goes up must come down...
Ridgecon Construction
We think this Detroiter's hobby is pretty cool! What's your favorite Detroit building?

Towering ambition: LEGO architect takes on Detroit
LEGO sets have been a hit since 1958 when the Danish toy company introduced the bricks
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Your home is a reflection of who you are. Improve it, maintain it, and live in it. Ridgecon's flexible payment options make it possible. Whether you're considering upgraded attic insulation, new gutters and leaf protection or a new roof system, you choose the payment option that's best for you. Let's get that important home improvement project underway right away!  Read More

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Roofing contractors have a language all their own. Don’t get bogged down by the jargon. Check out the glossary for clear, simple definitions of roofing terminology.