No Roof Left Behind
How can a single company help a struggling economy build a comeback?
At Ridgecon, we start at the top. Not at the top of some social, financial or political structure. We’re starting at the top of the place that matters most to you – your home.

With an alarming number of folks living with subpar (sometimes downright dilapidated) roofs over their heads, the foreclosure phenomenon is not the only part of the Housing Crises plaguing southeastern Michigan. We need to act – and act fast – to bring quality living back to our community. Act 1: No Roof Left Behind, powered by Ridgecon. Long story short, we’re providing a brand new roof for one careworn Michigan family. And don’t worry about the cost; this one is… on the house.
How can I apply for a free roof?
You can’t. But you can nominate a deserving friend, neighbor, loved one, whomever you’d like really. And if you need a roof, perhaps someone will return the favor and nominate you.

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